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Whether you have been employed for several years and are looking for a new job or whether you have just completed your professional training / apprenticeship or graduated from university and are looking for your first job then OTTCON is the right partner for you to help you master this challenge.

Our clients are companies from the banking, insurance and IT industry. We have extensive contacts within these industries as well as in-depth knowledge and many years of experience as recruiting specialists for these industries.

We are able to support you when it comes to professional advancement – this ranges from individual coaching to finding an interesting new position.

Our coaching has a modular structure and can be adjusted to your needs. Whether you want extensive coaching through the job application process or selective support – you can rely on our professional expertise.

Our range of services for you

Coaching for applicants

  • Self-Assessment
  • Personality Training Programme
  • Interview advice
  • CV advice

Job placement

  • Permanent employment
  • In Projects
  • Assignment as interim manager


  • Analysis of reference letters
  • Personality test, e.g. MBTI® or DISG®
  • Classification of language skills according to the European Standard CEF

Career through partnership

We are able to accompany you through your entire professional career. Whenever you are looking for a new position, we will be glad to be your competent partner.

Let us talk in time about your career so that we can develop plans for your professional future.

Cost transparency

The costs for individual coaching are moderate and completely transparent. We offer you packages of hours (e.g. 10, 15 or 20 hours) which you can book in advance and thus determine the scope of your coaching. We jointly agree the content of your coaching. That way the type and scope of your coaching is entirely in your hands.

Career Pool

Professional success is based on a mixture of long-term planning, one’s own commitment and timing, i.e. to be at the right position at the right time. If you like, we accompany you in the sense of the Work Life Cycle during your entire professional career. Whenever you are looking for a new position we will be glad to assist you with our professional know-how and our network.

As we are partner of the insurance industry you will always find interesting job postings on our homepage. We are also involved in the long-term personnel planning of our clients, so that we learn about job postings and succession planning before these are published.

Our professional know-how – your personal benefit

Please let us know in time when you are looking for a new position. If you like we will inform you about current job postings and plans that match your profile and your personal career goals.

OTTCON | Your career partner

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