Application means selfpromotion!


Your written application documents your personal and professional qualifications. It shows your potential new employer who you are and what you can. With a meaningful application you provide a comprehensive picture of your personality, your skills, experiences and objectives.

It is always worthwhile to compile an appealing application. It is, however, necessary to consider some basic things.


Normally your application consists of three components: the covering letter, the CV and copies of relevant documents such as reference letters, certificates related to your educational background and proofs of qualifications.

Covering Letter

The most important rules for an appealing cover letters:

  1. The letter should not be longer than one page (DIN A4).
  2. Quote the job title and reference number in the subject heading.
  3. Address the letter to the person named in the advertisement.
  4. Explain why you believe you are the right person for this position.
  5. If requested, include your salary requirements.
  6. If requested, indicate your earliest possible starting date.
  7. It is always helpful to mention mobility and willingness to travel.

Curriculum Vitae

The CV should contain all relevant information in a structured way:

You should structure your CV by listing all jobs in reverse chronological order including duties (i.e. starting with your last or present job).

It should also contain the following information:

  1. Personal details

    • First name and name
    • Address
    • Telephone number (either home number or mobile phone number)
    • private email address
    • professional social media presence
    • date of birth and place of birth (only if applying for a job in Germany
    • marital Status (only if applying for a job in Germany)

  2. Education and previous jobs
    • Education and qualifications
    • Apprenticeship (vocational training)
    • Work experience (if applicable – project(s) description(s))
      indicating duties and accomplishments (listed with bullet points)
    • Other relevant qualifications, certificates, language skills and professional training
    • If relevant to the position - activities and interests
  1. Restriction Notes

  2. In CVs for Germany: Place, date and signature are required (or scanned signature or at least the name if the CV is send by email or submitted online).

Here you can find a template for a CV as Word or pdf document.


If you apply for a job by email or online you should send the documents preferably as word or pdf file. All certificates should be sorted in reverse chronological order.

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