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In an era of globalization and continuous change in the market conditions companies are often forced to respond to this by restructuring and rationalization measures, which are often accompanied with the removal or relocation of jobs.

Many companies show their social competence by helping their departing employees deal with career transitions through outplacement consulting. In this way the company demonstrates both internally and externally its responsibility for its employees, which in turn has a positive effect on the identification and motivation of the remaining employees and creates a positive image of the company in public.

We are happy to assist you in this process of change.

Support of your outplacement from one source

OTTCON supports you in this process of change, be it as a group or individual outplacement. We and our network support you with experts from various fields (labour law, change management, coaching, communication, mediation, psychology, management and HR consulting) at any time.

Our services in detail:

  • Monitoring of the negotiations with the works council
  • Advice on the social criteria for redundancy and reconciliation of interests
  • Development of an internal and external communication strategy
  • Implementation and organisation of the necessary change processes
  • Support of the employees throughout the whole process of change
    • We help the candidates to mentally cope with the thought of leaving the company and to handle the various stages after receiving the termination letter.
    • In cooperation with our consultants we draw up a potential analysis of the candidates (analysis of strengths and weaknesses)
    • Together with the candidates we develop a suitable job application strategy
      • Identification of potential employers
      • Writing covering letters for unsolicited applications
      • Search for suitable jobs in job portals and our own networks
      • Together with the candidate we optimize the application documents, assist with the writing of the covering letters and the CVs and analyse testimonials (reference letters).
    • The candidates receive the best possible preparation for job interviews
    • If the candidate has received on or more job offers, we will help him/her with the decision for the most suitable company and the contract negotiations.
    • Our consulting will end either with the signing of the contract between the candidate and his new employer or even includes further support of the candidate in the orientation phase with his or her new employer. This is only done at the request of the candidate.

This full-service package is offered to you by your OTTCON team


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